Boy, can time fly. It's slipped away from me. I can't believe our biggest gig is tomorrow. Wow, i'm excited and to be honest a little bit nervous. We're prepared know doubt, with a great playlist to last the night. We hope you can make it but if you can't don't sweat it. We have another gig this sunday (see the news page) and we will have other gigs to. Anyway, just thought i'd put that out there.

Band T-Shirts 04/10/2009

Joe here, and my dad rocks!!!!! He went to team apparel and had a design for t-shirts made. There will probably be at least 6 for each band member and we might even sell them, but first we want to know if they are a good idea. If you would buy a jericho band t-shirt please tell us!!!


Well, we did it, we pulled it off. Despite the pressure we put on ourselves, we rocked the Forensics Banquet!!! Over 100 people in attendance heard us. It was our biggest gig yet and we were super excited. Next for us is going to be the Giving Tree Auction at the Rock Garden on the 23rd. Check back soon for more info on that. And if you were at the banquet, please tell us how we did. We've heard some positive feedback, but we would like to get some suggestions on how we could do better.



    Joe the drummer here. we have tons of stuff we want you to know so this is the page for it all. Feel free to leave us a comment as long as it's appropriate, not repeated and does not discriminate or make Jericho look bad. Rock on!


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