Ok, where do I start. His entire room is guitar, He has a one thousand piece puzzle of the worlds greatest rockstars hanging in his room, he has a light up clock shaped like a guitar, and knows pratically every rock piece known to man kind! When he starts playing, everybody gathers to here him play one of the platinum songs. He is my favorite member of the band, mostly because of his mad dog skills with his guitar "Sweetness". Yo, his playing is tight.

Warm up songs: Dirty little secret, Crazy Train, Stacys Mom

Cool collection: Root Beer Bottles,Packer memorbilia, Music stuff!

Favorite video game: God of War:Chains of Olympus,Kingdom Hearts, Madden 09

His Idols: Joe walsh, Ted Nugent

Hobbies (Other than guitar): Web designing, Bow Hunting, song writing, and anything that has to do with music.

Mitchs Quote: Life is like a guitar, the louder you get the more people get annoyed.