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Book us online!!!!

Hey Jericho fans!!! If you want us to play at a birthday party, anniversary or any other event just fill out the form on the Book Us Online page. It's the easiest way to contact us about scheduling gigs. We'll talk about it as a band and Joe will get back to you as soon as possible. We apologize if we say no, it's just that we're very busy and Joe has to make sure everybody can make it and everything is going to work before saying yes.

The Vault update.

Well, everyone agrees, our gig at the Vault was the best performance we've ever had and funniest one:). We were there for over two hours and played American Pie, Holiday, Jazzicho and all of our other favorite songs. Lot's of Joe's family and friends attended and a few complete strangers (that includes Mitch's family). We had talked to the owner of the Vault in DePere and he really enjoyed us. He said that we should be a usual there and play there once a month. We probably won't play once a month but we sure will try to make several appearances there as Joe's dad knows the owner and Joe loves playing there. We really enjoyed it to when Mitch ate a piece of pizza stached with hot peppers and went flying into the bathroom. Braden ate the hot peppers right out of the container!!!And thanks to the owner of the vault for fixing Mitch's string too. He bailed out Mitch more than once. Overall we all had a blast and hope we can perform their again. Oh yeah, the new stuff that looks unprofessional is all Mitch just so you know.