Joe Lanser: Drummer, Webmaster, Band Leader

Joe Lanser has been drumming for a little over 3 years and has been loving it since day 1. He drums in the Bay View jazz band and plays percussion in just normal band in addition to drumming for Jericho. He also has played in summer school Jazz Band, so he does almost just as much jazz as rock. He takes lessons from Steve Seitz, because of a reccomendation from Mr. Johnson. He is very skilled and loves leading Jericho. If you hear him play one song, you won't need to hear any more to determine he is a skilled drummer. Every rehearsal, recording, you name it, takes place at his place on Harbor Lights Lake.

Joes personal Favorites:

Favorite song on Jericho playlist: Dirty Little Secret/Holiday (Joe can't choose between the two)

Favorite instrument other than drums: Piano

Favorite Movie: Holes

Hobbies: Composing, Writing, Reading, Piano and collecting baseball cards

Joes Quotes: It's not my fault I'm awesome, that's just how I roll, rock hard or don't rock at all, Mitch you're so retarded