Songs of Jericho
* Brown eyed Girl- Jericho's most known song

*Bad moon rising- Nothing like putting a Jericho spin on a solid gold oldie

* Old time rock and roll- Who doesn't love this hit?!

* County Fair- Self Composed

* Barbara Ann- displays keyboarder Collin Hess' amazing vocal talent.

* Louie, Louie- Jericho's first

*Good Night Sweet Heart- Another vocal wonder.

*Carry On My Wayward Son- Four solos! i can do all of them! -Dr. Witz

*Holiday- We rock this Green Day hit better than any other song. Nice job Mitch. (I'm never going to say that again. It was painful).

* American Pie- Everybody loves it so we are learning it. And we love it.

* Dirty Little Secret- Yeah, you read it right, Dirty Little Secret.

* Rock You Like a Hurricane-Great song, one of the Scorpions best hits.

* LOL- Mitch came up with the coolest guitar part for it and made it happen, with a little help from Joe and Sam, it's a great song we just wrote and can't wait to perform.

*We're Not Gonna Take It- With a kick butt drum part, Joe's favorite song is now on the playlist. Sam is pretty psyched about it too.

* The Freak Inside of Me- The best song we've ever written and this one we are going to perform garunteed, you can count on it.

* Good Riddance- Better know as "Time of you life", Mitch thought it would be a great idea to play for the Viking Variety Show. We aren't going to, but we'll try our best to learn this Green Day song.

* Hey There Delilah- We played this one in front of a sold out crowd at the Viking Variety Show on March 12th 2009. Braden's voice is perfect for this song

* Smells Like Teen Spirit- Jericho's 3 guitarists knew the part, I brought it up and we started to put it together as a full band.

*Follow Me- Even though it's considered country, it's only country because it's done by a country singer, so we're going to call it rock and play it Jericho style.

Red Playlist

Rock You Like a Hurricane

The Freak Inside of Me (Self Composed)

We're Not Gonna Take It


Dirty Little Secret

American Pie

L.O.L. (Self Composed)

Hey There Delilah

Good Ridance

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Harmony Cafe Gig Playlist

Old Time Rock n Roll

Bad Moon Rising

Brown Eyed Girl


American Pie

Barbara Anne

Dirty Little Secret

Carry On

Walls of Jericho Playlist (to be performed at the vault and taste of the town)


*American Pie

*Smells Like Teen Spirit

*Good Ridance

*Piano Styling's of Collin Hess

*Barbara Anne

*Bad Moon Rising

*Old Time Rock n Roll

*Dirty Little Secret

*Hey There Delilah

*In Bloom 

*Follow Me